Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine, Volume 1: The Treatment of Disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine - Lung, Kidney, Liver, Heart

MACLEAN Will & LYTTLETON Jane [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781875760930

Pangolin Press 2000 1st Edition

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 Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine

For both practitioners and students of Chinese medicine, this book (the first of three planned volumes) answers a growing need for the integration of traditional diagnosis and therapy with Western clinical experience. Designed as a practical handbook for ready reference in the clinic it takes the traditional Chinese medicine patterns of disease and presents these in a concise and easily accessible form. Theory and treatment guidelines, while remaining strictly true to their historical and traditional origins are presented alongside modern day aetiological factors, Western medical disease names and other relevant lifestyle details which can influence successful therapeutic control. The authors, drawing on many years of clinical practice, have produced a comprehensive reference work where the relevant pathology can be quickly pinpointed; acupuncture guidelines are clearly presented; and the prescriptions, with their many modifications, provide practitioners with invaluable assistance in the complex task of diagnosis and the formulation of the appropriate therapy. 'At last the clinical reference book for Westerners we’ve all been waiting for. Combining the richness of the TCM theoretical framework with the authors wealth of clinical experience as practitioners in the West, it is a must for every clinician.' - Felicity Moir, Course Leader for BSC (Hons) TCM; Acupuncture University of Westminster, London 'This book will sit on your desk rather than your bookshelf. Profound theoretical understanding has been combined with years of successful practice to give you the information you need . . . when your need it.' - David Legge, author of Close to the Bone 'The Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine is an eminently practical handbook to have ‘up your sleeve’ in clinic. For each of the numerous disorders discussed, a wide variety of possible patterns are introduced (instead of the usual two or three so common in less well thought out texts). Each pattern of each disorder is accompanied by well described techniques of diagnosis and treatment using both acupuncture and herbs. The rational for point selection is excellent, and the herb formulas well supplied with modifications so essential for clinical adroitness. This is one of those quality books that will never make it to the clinic shelf - it will be opened, by the desk, and well thumbed.' - Steve Clavey, author of Fluid Physiology & Pathology in Traditional Chinese Medicine 'Rich in detail, comprehensive in content, clear in expression and presentation, this is the most impressive clinical manual yet to appear in the English language.' - Peter Deadman, author of A Manual of Acupuncture

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