Hara Diagnosis: Reflections on the Sea

MATSUMOTO Kiiko & BIRCH Stephen [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780912111131

Paradigm Publications 1988 1st Edition

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 Hara Diagnosis: Reflections on the Sea (View larger image)

This work presents the theory and practice of abdominal diagnosis with the greatest care ever applied to an important diagnostic technique. Beginning with a historical and cultural perspective on the use of palpation in general, and abdominal palpation in particular, the book details the information required to master and extend the techniques presented. Included are important descriptions of the role of emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of Chinese medicine. Detailed etymologies, descriptions of historical context, and quotations from classical sources are used to provide a range of insights into hun, po, zhi, jing, and shen, and many other seminal concepts. This text offers an exceptionally well detailed exploration of interior meridian pathways and the role of classical Chinese energetic anatomy, including concepts such as source and origin of qu. There are detailed procedures for practical diagnosis and therapy, each accompanied by illustrations and case histories. Treatment systems described are coordinated through the abdominal patterns and are staged from the general to the specific. These include hara shiatsu, sotai and breathing exercises and five-phase treatments. Clear instructions are provided for using Manaka’s ion pumping cords, mupoint diagnosis, O-ring diagnosis and secondary diagnostic and treatment strategies such as palm diagnosis. Hara Diagnosis provides useful therapeutic and diagnostic information, clinical and theoretical insights and a general approach to the understanding of acupuncture which draws East and West ever closer. 'It tackles many difficult concepts such as the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of Chinese medicine, source theory and classical energetic anatomy and physiology. It is a book you can dip into at any time and come out with gems of insight that can only reinforce your belief in a paradigm that is just starting to be explored by our culture and our scientific community.' - Chris Zaslawski, Australian Journal of TCM 'Presenting symptoms can be important and useful in diagnosis; they can also be irrelevant and misleading. Trust palpation.' - Yoshio Manaka

280 x 215mm, bibliography, appendices, index


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