Push Hands: The Handbook for Noncompetitive Tai Chi Practice With a Partner

KAUZ Herman [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781585671243

Overlook Press 2001 1st Edition

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 Push Hands: The Handbook for Noncompetitive Tai Ch (View larger image)

Herman Kauz, acclaimed author of the best-selling Tai Chi Handbook, has been instrumental in advancing the practice of tai chi chuan in America. In this exciting new companion to the Tai Chi Handbook, Kauz presents detailed instruction in push-hands, tai chi (taiji) practiced with a partner. The book begins with the thoughtfully reasoned argument that a cooperative approach to living - trying to accord with life's rhythms - is superior to a competitive one. The author advocates taiji push-hands as a method of internalising this philosophy. The text elucidates the meditative and athletic benefits of the practice. The nearly 100 photographs help to illustrate possible attacks and counterattacks. For anyone who has practiced taiji and is interested in expert instruction in getting started with push hands, this is the essential handbook - private lessons with one of taiji's most accomplished teachers.

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