Auricular Therapy Reflex Chart (Wall chart)

FRANK Bryan & SOLIMAN Nader [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780972041362

Acupuncture Arts & Press 2004[s] 2nd Edition

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600 x 900mm chart

These charts were designed by IMS in coordination with a medical illustrator and graphic artist to give a visually pleasing reference to the advanced auricular therapy phases. Designed on an anatomic model, each of the 4 phases is illustrated in easy to recognise musculoskeletal and organ presentations with specific locations for acute, chronic, and degenerative conditions, as well as the mastoid or posterior surface of the ear (Phase 4). Treating according to the advanced locations will allow the practitioner to treat chronic and degenerative conditions more specifically and lead to greater clinical efficacy. Frequently the failure of simple Phase 1 auricular therapy in chronic and degenerative conditions will be resolved by also examining for active points in the Phase 2 and 3 zones, and treatment of those appropriately. This wall chart is constructed of laminated standard glossy poster stock. It is suitable for the office/clinic setting and gives patients an easy reference to auricular therapy for education and counselling. (For this item please quote stock ID 24445)

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