Secrets of Stretching: Exercises for the lower body (DVD)

THOMSA Kurz [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780940149359

Stadion Publishing 2008 1st Edition

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 Secrets of Stretching: Exercises for the lower bod (View larger image)

This DVD shows how to make legs both strong and flexible, and how to have full flexibility, normally available only after a warm-up, without any warm-up. Secrets of Stretching presents programs for achieving full front split and side split while increasing strength of trunk and legs. There are four such programs on the DVD - from beginners' to very advanced. This DVD will make you an expert on flexibility and strength training. Just spend 4-15 minutes a day on dynamic not ballistic stretches, and only twice a week 11-23 minutes on our special strength exercises and isometric stretches. Tom Kurz improved stretches which scientific studies by Holt, Travis and Okita have been shown to cause 267% greater increase in flexibility than any other kind of stretches. This is a do along DVD. Every exercise is clearly shown and clearly described.

Running time: 92 minutes.

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