LIN Yutang: My Country & My People (English-Chinese/ Set of 2)

LIN Yutang [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787540480806

Hunan Fine Arts Press 2017 1st Edition

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 LIN Yutang: My Country & My People (English-Chines (My Country & My People (English-Chinese))

'Perhaps the most striking quality of the Chinese people is what, for want of a better term, must be termed its 'old roguery'. An old rogue is a man who has seen a lot of life, and who is materialistic, nonchalant and skeptical of progress. This old roguery which is the highest product of Chinese intelligence, works against idealism and action. It shatters all desire for reform, laughs at futility of human effort and renders the Chinese people incapable of idealism and action. It has a strange way of reducing all human activities to the level of the alimentary canal and other simple biological needs. As a people we are great enough to draw an imperial code, based on the conception of essential justice, but we are also great enough to distrust lawyers and law courts. We are great enough to elaborate a perfect system of official impeachment and civil service and traffic regulations and library reading room rules, but we are also great enough to break al systems, to ignore them, circumvent them, play with them and become superior to them.' - My Country & My People 'A brilliant survey of the mental and moral constitution of the Chinese people, My Country & My People is one of the truest, most profound and important books written on the Chinese people in the English language. This study of the Chinese mind and character continues to be essential reading or anyone trying to understand the people from the most populous nation of the world today. 'But suddenly, as all great books appear, this book appears, fulfilling every demand made upon it. It is truthful and not ashamed of the truth. It is written proudly, humorously and with beauty, seriously and with gaiety, appreciative and understanding of both old and new.' - Pearl S Buck. Lin Yutang (1895-1976) was born in Changzhou and educated at Saint John’s University in Shanghai. He later obtained his master’s degree at Harvard University and his doctorate and the University of Leipzig. He is best known for his contributions to the world of literature and philosophy. His two books, My Country & My People (1935) and The Importance of Living (1937) brought him international fame. He was also nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature and he received world wide acclaim for his humanitarian writing. He was a professor of language studies at numerous universities during his life, and has made major contributions in formulating the original plan for romantising the Chinese language.

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