Auriculotherapy Manual (4rd edition)

OLESON Terry [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780702035722

Churchill Livingstone 2003 4th Edition

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 Auriculotherapy Manual (4rd edition) (Cover Image)

This handbook combines the best work of Chinese and French systems of ear acupuncture - auriculotherapy. The ear reflex points presented in this handbook are based upon extensive research conducted at the UCLA Pain Management Centre. This text provides a standardised auricular nomenclature system for designating different anatomical zones of the ear. Each ear reflex point is represented by both a number and an auricular zone location. Treatment plans are listed for over 250 medical conditions, and health professionals from a wide range of backgrounds - medical doctors , chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, reflexologists, dentists and nurses - have applied the detailed principles from previous editions of this manual to successfully relieve chronic pain and treat addictions.

Features: >Detailed descriptions of the principles & practice of auriculotherapy >Exceptional illustrations; it features drawings & photographs that are easily interpreted >Presents awide range of types & principles of ear acupuncture >Well-known & respected auriculotherapy teacher

What's New: >First time this work has been published by Churchill Livingstone (author previously self published) >Every section has been considerably expanded from the previous edition >Artwork has been revised throughout >All research references have been updated to provide the most current information

Table Of Contents: >Overview & History of Auriculotherapy >Theoretical Perspectives of Auriculotherapy >Anatomy of the Auricle >Auricular Zones >Auricular Diagnosis Procedures >Auriculotherapy Treatment Procedures >Somatotopic Representations on the Ear >Clinical Studies of Auriculotherapy >Auriculotherapy Treatment Protocols >Index of Treatment Protocols & Ear Reflex Points >References & Resource Guide

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