32 Forms Taiji Sword by Li Deyin 李德印三十二式太极剑 DVD

ISBN: 9787880974232

Jiuzhou Publishing House 2009

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 32 Forms Taiji Sword by Li Deyin 李德印三十二式太极剑 DVD (李德印三十二式太极剑 DVD)

Thirty - two form renowned martial arts sword style Mr. Tian Ji simplified gathered from fencing routine basis Yang Taiji sword on. Fencing flexible and elegant, like exercise such as dance, it is a highly ornamental fitness activities. Famous international Wushu referee Mr. Li is printed on the package of thirty - two Taiji Sword sword done step by step explanation. Content Refining, sword specifications, precise movements. Through the study of the materials, you can not only treat the art of acupuncture points and self-cultivation, but also obtain mental and physical conditioning of the party, is a rare teaching Tai Chi. 三十二式太极剑式著名武术家李天骥老先生在杨式太极剑的基础上简化整理而成的剑术套路。剑术灵活多变,造型优美,似操如舞,是一种观赏性很强的健身活动。著名国际级武术裁判员李德印先生在对三十二式太极剑整套剑法做了分步讲解。内容精炼,剑法规范,动作准确。通过学习本教材,您不仅可以穴道养身治病之术,更可获得调节身心之方,是一套不可多得的太极教材。

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