It's Baby Time (DVD)

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Real Bodywork 1st Edition

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 It''s Baby Time (DVD) (It''s Baby Time (DVD))

Infant massage has proved beneficial for both infants and their families on a number of levels. It is used regularly in hospital neonatal units and has been linked with helping premature infants gain weight. A British study published in Cochrane Library showed that massage reduces the level of stress hormones in babies under a year old, helping them sleep better and cry less. But better than that, it also appears to help mothers suffering from postnatal depression. Massage is a bonding experience for parents and babies alike.

This DVD is a fun, exciting experience for you and your infant (ages 2-18 months) through massage, exercise, karaoke sing-alongs and animations! Not just for mothers, but also great for fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles!

Infant massage, exercises, games, karaoke sing-alongs, original animations and a great soundtrack make "It's Baby Time" a revolutionary way to spend time with your infant!

Running time 47 minutes
This DVD contains three fun routines focus on infant massage and exercise:
The Joy routine: energizing and fun
The Peace routine; sedating and relaxing
Exercises: tone and stretch with your baby
Also included are techniques to address such common issues as: Colic, Teething, Asthma, Chest congestion, and Constipation
Instructor: Jenny Wilmer, a licensed Massage therapist, yoga teacher and mother will lead you through this great experience that is fun for everyone!

Running Time 47 Minutes

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