Soothing the Troubled Mind: Treatment & Prevention of Schizophrenia with Acupuncture & Moxibustion

DEY Thomas & WISEMAN Nigel [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780912111605

Paradigm Publications 1999 1st Edition

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 Soothing the Troubled Mind: Treatment & Prevention (View larger image)

Soothing the Troubled Mind was originally published in Chinese in 1987 and was intended to introduce TCM practitioner’s in the PRC to schizophrenia from the Western clinical perspective, as well as to review TCM treatments used for mental diseases. In Chinese traditional medicine this type of disorder is considered a result of invasions by six environmental excesses. The book reviews these factors, as well as two additional categories of ‘cause’ - damage from intemperance of the seven affects (joy, anger, anxiety, thought, sorrow, fear, and fright), and other factors including inherited and fetal pathoconditions. The authors detail Western biomedical diagnosis and the essentials of Chinese differential diagnosis. Treatment protocols for each condition are provided, including techniques such as electrostimulation, large needle and deep puncture techniques on the body, as well as facial, ear and scalp puncture; fluid injection therapy, point suture embedding therapy, point grasping and cupping therapy, vessel pricking and laser therapy, and co-therapy with Chinese and/or Western drugs. This is a useful text that gives health-care practitioners a window into the practical philosophy of modern Chinese medical scholars and clinicians, as well as an insight into the historical development of psychology in China. It is a fascinating book about how schizophrenia is perceived, experienced, and treated in another culture, and one that sheds light on the possibilities that Chinese medicine has to offer in psychiatric therapy, thereby advancing our understanding of one of the world’s great afflictions. '[Acupuncture] is a less stigmatizing treatment approach than alternative forms of treatment. It is non-alienating, non-coercive, non-intrusive, and respects the individual and his or her personal integrity. It mobilizes an optimistic social consensus, is part of a vigorous effort to achieve a cure, and encourages involvement of the broader social group to aid the reintegration of the ill person. It enhances family support. There may well be levels far beyond these in which acupuncture has a place to play in the treatment of schizophrenia.' - [From the Introduction by Dr. Richard Warner, M.B., D.P.M.]

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