The Tao of Nutrition

MAOSHING Ni & MCNEASE Cathy [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781887575256

Tao of Wellness Press 2009 3rd Edition

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 The Tao of Nutrition (View larger image)

Each meal is an opportunity to heal. The Tao of Nutrition provides information on making every meal therapeutic, teaching you how to make appropriate food choices for your ailments, your constitution, and the season of the year. Whether you are trying to become healthy or stay healthy, the authors guide you to a balanced way of eating. Included are delicious recipes and meal plans that have greatly benefited patients and families. This ancient knowledge from China provides guidance for the seasoned practitioner as well as the new student of healthy living

The Tao of Nutrition describes how the Five Elements and the opposing energies of Yin and Yang apply to food. Find the energetic and healing properties of common foods or look up an ailment and discover the foods helpful in restoring health. By balancing your energies, the body heals itself. Balance is the key to health.

About the Authors
Dr. Maoshing Ni was born into the 38th generation of traditional Chinese healers. Co-founder of Yp San university of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tao of Wellness healing centre, he is a celebrated doctor, author and teacher.

Cathy McNease holds degrees and Master Herbalist certificates. She has co-authored several books and a certified continuing education course on traditional Chinese nutrition

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