Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

WISEMAN et al [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780912111445

Paradigm Publications 1996

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 Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (View larger image)

This text is a groundbreaking translation of the Zhong Yi Ji Chu Xue, demonstrating that not only is it possible to meet scholarly expectations for translations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but that the cooperation of Chinese speaking clinicians could reveal the nuances of practice. Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine offers a unique opportunity to understand Chinese medicine, not as it is perceived by a Western writer, but as it is perceived and taught in China, because Chinese descriptions of TCM that confound Western expectations have not been expunged from the textual translation. Based on feedback from Western teachers and translators, this newly revised, popularly priced edition features a straightforward English terminology, thousands of source Chinese characters, and hundreds of clinical definitions never before available in English. Contents include yin and yang and the five phases; qi, blood, essence, and fluids; the channels; the organs; diseases and their causes. Pattern identification and treatment of eight-parameter, organ, qi-blood, pathogen, and exogenous heat conditions are discussed in detail, as are principles and methods of treatment. Illustrative acumoxa therapy has been added for Western acupuncturists. This edition includes a glossary of terms and a materia medica and formulary sufficient to practice the treatments described by the text. As such it is a unique, absolutely-defined and referenced text, and a self-contained and inexpensive course of study. 'The translators have made an excellent choice for the commencement of their proposed series. This volume is considered by many Chinese practitioners to be the most important introductory textbook of the last two decades...Western readers can finally have an accurate sense of how the Chinese are presenting the Oriental medical tradition of this era.' - Ted Kaptchuk, Introduction to 1st Edition 'This book will make history. For the first time a monograph-size publication directed at Western practitioners and expounding the conceptual foundations and clinical applications of Chinese medicine may be said to meet all the criteria of a serious, scholarly contribution. The standards set...cannot be neglected by anyone writing on Chinese medicine in the future.' - Paul Unschuld, Sudhof’s Archiv

255 x 180mm, materia medica, formulary, glossary, index


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