Fu Qing-Zhu's Gynaecology

YANG Shou-zhong & LIU Da-wei (translators) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780936185354

Blue Poppy Press 1995 2nd Edition

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 Fu Qing-Zhu''s Gynaecology (View larger image)

Fu Qing-zhu’s Gynaecology is perhaps the single most famous book on traditional Chinese gynaecology and obstetrics. Dating from the early Qing dynasty, this book established many of the disease mechanisms and pattern diagnoses now standard in contemporary Chinese gynaecology. This book is also the source of many of Chinese gynaecology’s most famous formulas. Not content to merely summarise and parrot previous classics, Fu Qing-zhu set forth his own ideas and analysis based on his extensive personal clinical experience.

Fu ke or gynaecology is one of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM’s most often practiced and most effective specialties. No practitioner attempting to specialize in this field can afford to be ignorant of Fu Qing-zhu’s monumental work in gynaecology. However, whether or not one specialises in gynaecology, all practitioners of TCM will find this book a valuable reference for their clinical library. Fu Qing-zhu’s logical analysis of signs and symptoms is a masterful example of applying the TCM methodology. His composition of formulas based on that logic is a masterful example of simplicity, economy, naturalness, and doing without doing. In addition, practitioners will appreciate Fu Qing-zhu’s use of common Chinese medicinals with which all TCM practitioners should be familiar.

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