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Fudan University Press 2018 1st Edition

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 出土文献与中国古典学 (出土文献与中国古典学)

Young readers explore ancient China’s scientific discoveries and technology in this lively account of people, ideas, and social change. Two thousand years ago farmers created better irrigation systems, and emperors with expansionist dreams standardised roads, measurements, weights, and writing. People in central China cooked dinner and lit their streets with natural gas, a by-product of salt mining. And doctors wrote medical books to teach how to treat disease with acupuncture, herbs and surgery. Later, Buddhist monks used block printing to spread religious ideas. Scientists in the service of emperors explored the movement of the stars, predicted earthquakes, and debated about the shape of the universe. Porcelain, paper, silk, compasses, rudders, and moveable sails for ships - all were Chinese inventions. A beautifully illustrated, highly readable account for children 9 to 13.

328 pp

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