Acupuncture: Visible Holism

BAI Xinghua [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780750645393

Butterworth Heinemann 2001 1st Edition

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 Acupuncture: Visible Holism (View larger image)

*What are the origins of acupuncture - are the current theories in need of revision? *What are the essential actions underlying its effectiveness? *Does acupuncture offer a tangible expression of ‘visible holism’? An original interpretation of acupuncture from root to tip. In his new book, Dr Bai questions the validity of traditional beliefs concerning the origins of acupuncture and offers new theories on the early development of this ancient medicine. New archaeological evidence suggests that the generally accepted beliefs concerning the origins of acupuncture are incorrect and in need of revision. In this exciting new text the origins and practice of acupuncture are discussed and challenged, offering some original theories and interpretations of key tenets. Contents: >Introduction >CHAPTER 1: Origins of acupuncture: a unique synthesis of Chinese cultures, unique characteristics of acupuncture, the origins of acupuncture: challenging the accepted theory, prerequisites for the development of acupuncture, the invention of acupuncture, additional questions concerning the origins of acupuncture, acupuncture as visible holism >CHAPTER 2: Meridian theory: the networks of the body >CHAPTER 3: Acupoints: the terminals of the body’s networks >CHAPTER 4: Practice of acupuncture: a sculpture of holism >Bibliography >Appendices. Readership: students of acupuncture and professionals involved in the practice of acupuncture.

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