Moxa Essence Plus: Spray (100ml)

MOXA (MX-60) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 0673952131605

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 Moxa Essence Plus: Spray (100ml) (View larger image)

For the full benefit of moxibustion without smoke or strong odour. A 1:5 in 25% alcohol tincture extracted from a formulation advanced by Henry Nield, DipOM, BAcC, MRCHM, of England. The formula consists of five herbs: Folium Artemisiae (Ai Ye, the key ingredient of moxa), Cortex Cinnamomi (Rou Gui), Cortex Eucommiae (Du Zhong), Radix Achyranthis (Niu Xi), and Radix Ligustici (Chuan Xiong). Moxa Essence Plus(TM) is applied either by spraying or by drops. Warm the area with a theraqeutic heat source, such as the far infrared therapeutic device FIRARD-3(TM), a regular heat lamp, or even a hair dryer. A great substitute for either the dry moxa rolls or the stick-on moxa cones. Either two sprays or two drops contain constituents equivalent to one typical stick-on moxa cone.

Spray bottle containing 100ml, yielding approximately 800 sprays

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