Pictorial Chinese Sayings Series Volume 2: The Animal World

LOO Andre et al [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781890807016

Silk Road Press 1997

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 Pictorial Chinese Sayings Series Volume 2: The Ani (View larger image)

The only series to >include both traditional & simplified characters in the same volume >include both Hanyu Pinyin & Cantonese (Yale) transcriptions >meet the needs of Chinese language learners as well as general readers >present traditional Chinese sayings arranged by category Best Suited for >People who are interested in Chinese language, culture & beliefs >Professionals who are doing business with Chinese >Travellers who visit China & wish to have a deeper understanding of its culture & language >Students who study the Chinese language. Volume 2: Brings together 70 sayings involving all types of animals, from domestic to the legendary. The Chinese bestiary is highly idiosyncratic and many of the traditional views of animals do not necessarily correspond with modern ideas in the West.

210 x 145mm


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