Restored Harmony: An Evidence Based Approach for Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Complementary Cancer Care

SAGAR Stephen [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780968948804

Dreaming Dragonfly Communications 2001 1st Edition

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 Restored Harmony: An Evidence Based Approach for I (View larger image)

Restored Harmony weaves the science and art of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the conventional treatment for cancer. It takes the reader on a poetic journey through the diagnosis, therapeutic plan, and supportive care of patients with cancer. The author blends current scientific knowledge of mind-body medicine, psycho-neuro-immunology and quantum physics with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, herbs, and energy medicine. The evidence for specific complementary therapies is clearly stated. A new model of holistic cancer care is presented where the patient and healthcare providers work together as a seamless system, focused on care of the body, mind, and spirit. Stephen Sager received his graduate training in pharmacology and medicine at the University of London, UK. His postgraduate training was in internal medicine and clinical oncology His special interests include mind-body medicine, spirituality and consciousness, the psycho-biology of healing, and Oriental medicine. He is an educator and researcher for the developing healthcare model of integrative and humanistic medicine, and is an international speaker on these topics. He has appeared on television and in print to discuss mind body medicine and the role of spirituality in healthcare. Dr. Sager is an associate professor at McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario. He is a cancer specialist who practices radiation oncology in Canada. He is a founding director of the Complementary Medicine Section of the Ontario Medical Association. He also serves the Centre for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington DC and contributes to many of its educational programs. He is on the international editorial board of the evidence-based journal, 'Focus on Alternative and Complementary Medicine'. ‘I recommend it to all those concerned with creating more effective, humane, and comprehensive programs of cancer care.’ - James S. Gordon MD, Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, USA. ‘This book is compelling reading for all those who look after cancer patients, whether they are healthcare professionals or lay family members.’ - Edzard Ernst, Professor, University of Exeter, UK. ‘An inspired, thoughtful journey into mind-body medicine of the future’ - John Boik, author of Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy. From the Foreword by James Gordon MD 'Over the last twenty years I've been exploring the integration of Chinese medicine into individualised programs of comprehensive care for cancer patients. Each year, at the Comprehensive Cancer Care Conferences of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, we hear about the latest research on these therapies, in the West as well as in China. It is now clear to me and to many others in the field, that Chinese medicine can and should be available to everyone who is being treated for cancer. 'This new book, by Dr. Stephen Sagar, makes this case in a way that is at once evidence-based, thoughtful and poetic. Dr. Sagar is a radiation oncologist who deals every day with the challenges of cancer treatment, and with the accompanying side effects of treatment. He is a fine clinical observer and an imaginative, indeed, visionary thinker. What he has done in this book is to describe precisely and well the worldview of the 4000-year-old Chinese medicine, and how its traditional approach to cancer treatment may dovetail with our most modern western scientific understanding and technological approaches. 'Dr. Sagar understands the power of Chinese therapies - acupuncture, herbal therapies, the exercises of Qi Gong, hands on healing, and above all, intention. He shows us how these therapies are already being used to enhance immunity, improve overall physiological functioning, frustrate tumour growth, improve mood, and provide relief for such debilitating treatment side effects as nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue, diarrhoea, and mouth ulcers. He shares with us the modern scientific papers on which his conclusions are based, and lets us know when evidence is lacking. Equally importantly, he gives us a sense of Chinese medicine, and of how it may well contribute in significant ways to the more harmonious functioning of our minds and our spirit, as well as our bodies. In summary, this book is a fine and eloquent combination of modern science, ancient wisdom, and practical guidance, literate and accessible, as well as scientifically sound. I recommend it to all those who are concerned with creating more effective, humane, and comprehensive programs of cancer care. James S. Gordon, M.D. [Director, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington DC; Clinical Professor, Georgetown University School of Medicine; Chair of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy; Co-author, Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrating Complementary, Alternative, and Conventional Therapies]. Praise for Restored Harmony:Restored Harmony skillfully blends Eastern and Western approaches to cancer in this compelling overview of the fascinating relationships emerging between Traditional Chinese Medicine, immunotherapy, psycho-neuro-oncology, complexity theory, and quantum physics. Dr. Sagar takes us on an inspired, thoughtful journey into mind-body medicine of the future.’ - John Boik, MAcOM, author of Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy ‘Stephen Sagar MD creates a symphony from the cacophony that cancer often creates. He shows how prevention of disease and restoration of the harmony of health can be achieved by correctly blending the advice of conventional and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, we are blessed with an enlightened insider's view of cancer and its treatment’ - Mehmet Oz MD, MBA [Irving Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Columbia University in New York. Director of the cardiac assist device program and the complementary medicine program at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Author of Healing from the Heart] Extended Review by Thomas St. James O'Connor, ThD 'Stephen Sagar writes in the Introduction to Restored Harmony that he is interested in combining mysticism and science (p. xvi) He laments that body and soul have been separated (dualism) since the time of Descartes. He argues that body, mind and spirit form one whole system, the human person and can not be separated. They are interconnected and profoundly influence one another. Sagar finds this integration in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He believes that persons with cancer ought to use Traditional Chinese Medicine as a complementary therapy alongside of Western medical treatments. Throughout the book, he seeks integration or restored harmony. The book does deliver on his quest. 'Sagar is a physician and trained in traditional Western medicine in London, England. He is a cancer specialist in clinical practice at the Regional Cancer Center, Hamilton, Ontario and the Canadian Radiation Oncology Services in Toronto. He has training in acupuncture and a founding director of the Complementary Medicine section of the Ontario Medical Association. He is an Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, McMaster University.

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