A Manual of Acupuncture (Edition with thumb-indents)

DEADMAN Peter & AL-KHAFAJI Mazin, with BAKER Kevin [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780951054659

Journal of Chinese Medicine 2007 2nd Edition

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 A Manual of Acupuncture (Edition with thumb-indent (View larger image)

Latest edition of the most comprehensive book on acupuncture points yet published in the English language!

New edition incorporates thumb indentations for the 14 main channels + extra points and a dust jacket.

Since its publication in 1998 this comprehensive text has rapidly become the standard acupuncture point book for students and practitioners throughout the English-speaking world. Detailed exposition of the names, locations, indications and actions of every point, it is characterised by hundreds of beautiful and anatomically exacting illustrations (one for every point), lengthy commentaries on the points, numerous point combinations drawn from classical texts and comprehensive indexes.

Now in its fifth imprint, this text has been continually updated and corrected. The latest (fifth) imprint has an added dust jacket and thumb indentations for ease of referencing the channel chapters.

>Introductory chapters on the channels & collaterals, point categories, point selection methods, point location & needling

>Illustrations & text descriptions of all primary, extraordinary, divergent, luo-connecting & sinew channels

>The points of the fourteen channels & the extra points with their English name, Chinese name & Chinese character

>The most exacting & accurate anatomical point locations yet published in any English text with practical point location notes to assist in easy location

>Nearly 500 illustrations, with a single dedicated illustration for every point

>Point actions to aid the understanding & memorisation of each point’s principal qualities

  >Extensive lists of point indications taken from numerous classical & modern source texts & grouped for ease of reference

>Substantial commentaries explaining in detail the principal historical & modern applications of the point, & drawing on classical & modern texts & the extensive clinical experience of the authors

>Numerous classical prescriptions showing how the points have been used & combined through nearly two millennia of practice

>Area illustrations showing locations of the major points in each region of the body

>Extensive indexes including an index of every point indication

'The definitive and most authoritative book on points in the English language: scholarly, complete and detailed. A must for any student and practitioner' -Giovanni Maciocia

'The scope and depth of this book, together with its truly wonderful illustrations, make it a ‘must have’ for any student or practitioner who is serious about the study of acupuncture' - Dan Bensky

295 x 225mm. Latest reprint with all text & illustration corrections!


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