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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (English edition) has been a unique Chinese publication in the field since 1981. It is sponsored by the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, and China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Journal is published simultaneously in five languages other than English, and as a result, contributes enormously to the development of traditional Chinese medicine and to the international exchange of TCM information and research. It is published quarterly (in March, June, September and December). The JTCM has readers world-wide and is the journal most quoted in reference material. The main columns include: Expert's Forum, Clinical Observation, Basic Investigation, Reviews, Lectures, Teaching Round, and Questions and Answers involving Acupuncture, massotherapy and Chinese materia medica. Papers by outstanding clinicians, acupuncturists and researchers provide the latest information on the development of this discipline. JTCM is indispensable reading for clinical practitioners and others interested in basic medicine research. Back & single issues available. The latest issue, Volume 25, June 2005, No. 2, contains: Clinical Observation Ulcerative Colitis Treated by Acupuncture at Jiaji Points (EX-B2) & Tapping with Plum-blossom Needle at Sanjiaoshu (BL22) & Dachangshu (BL 25) - A Report of 43 Cases (Zhang Yue & Yang Zhenhui); Effect of Blood-letting Puncture at Twelve Well-Points of Hand on Consciousness & Heart Rate in Patients with Apoplexy (Guo Yi,Wang Xiuyun, Xu Tangping et al); Acupuncture Treatment of Simple Obesity (Wei Qunli & Liu Zhicheng); The Moxibustion Sensations & the Therapeutic Effects (Xiao Yuanchun & Fang Liang); Electro-Acupuncture & Block Therapy Combined with Traction for Treatment of Cervical Dysopia (Jiang Feizhou & Zhu Gengchuang); Acupuncture & Chinese Patent Drugs for Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Zhao Lijue); Clinical Observation on Treatment of Auditory Hallucinosis by Electroacupuncture: A Report of 30 Cases (Lin Hong & Li Cheng); 189 Cases of Acute Articular Soft Tissue Injury Treated by Blood-letting Puncture with Plum-blossom Needle & Cupping (Dai Erqing, Li Haiying & Zhao Zhankao); Acupuncture Treatment of Depressive Syndrome (Huang Tao); The Pathogenesis of Climacteric Syndrome & Principle of Acupuncture Treatment Based on TCM Theory about Brain (Shen Xiaoming & Du Yuanhao); Dr. Zhang Zhijun'S Experience in Treating Stroke with Medicinal Insects (Zhang Liling, Zhang Gang & Zhang Liping); Dr. Lu Renhe's Experience in Treating Latent Nephritis with Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chen Jie); Prof. Li Yueqing's Experience in Treating Male Infertility (Li Haisong); An analysis of the Long-term Therapeutic Effect of the Integrated Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Radiotherapy on Abdominal Malignant Tumour (Jin Hong, Wu Xiangwei, Chen Yanping et al); Three Typical Dermatological Cases Treated by Dr. Li Yueping (Xie Shaoqiong); Clinical Observation on 96 Cases of Primary Osteoporosis Treated with Kidney-Tonifying & Bone-Strengthening Mixture (Wang Mingyue, Gong Ling, Xia Bei et al); Clinical Observation on Treatment of Ecthyma with Ningshu Xiye (Ge Peng & Zhao Xin); The Effect of Xin Mai Tong Capsules in Protecting Survival Cardiac Muscle of the Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction (Qiu Ruixiang, Feng Jun & Meng Jun); Effect of Jiang Zhuo Mixture on Blood Glucose Level & Insulin Resistance in Diabetes (Chen Xiabo & Wang Hui). Basic Investigation Effects of Medicinal Cake-Separated Moxibustion on Plasma 6-Keto-PGF1a and TXB2 Contents in the Rabbit of Hyperlipemia (Chang Xiaorong, Yan Jie, Yue Zenghui et al); Preventing & Treating Actions of Compound Lian Zhu Capsule on Micrangium Lesions in Diabetic Rats (Duan Wenzhuo, Gong Haimin, Wang Jiafu et al). Review A Survey of Treatment of Diabetic Complications with Chinese Drugs (Zhao Fan). Other How to Use External Treatment Measures to cure Hiccup (Hu Xianguo & Xu Xueci).

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