*Classical Chinese Tragedy: Snow in Summer窦娥冤 (Chinese-English)

GUAN Hanqing [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787800056468

New World Press 2002

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 *Classical Chinese Tragedy: Snow in Summer窦娥冤 (Chi (View larger image)

A masterwork of the illustrious Yuan Dynasty playwright, Guan Hanqing, and developed from an ancient folk tale, the play reveals the seamy side of Yuan dynasty society. The heroine, Dou E, finds herself not only accused of a murder she did not commit but imprisoned by a magistrate who wants her for himself. The story is one of gross injustices committed by thieves and petty officials alike and presents a bleak picture of the struggles faced by ordinary people trying to live decently. Only the favours of a merciful providence, the story seeems to say, can provide any kind of retribution. This classic play is presented in a bilingual format. The Chinese is adapted from the original text and retains a large proportion of classical Chinese stylistic features. It is suitable for students wanting to get a taste of this unique dramatic tradition. Contains: Eternal Parting; Widow Cai Meets with Misfortune; Inviting Wolves into the House; Zhang the Dog Dies at the Hands of His Son; Evil Plotters; A Confession Extracted Under Torture; Appeal to Heaven on the Execution Ground; The Emperor’s Inspector; A Ghost Appeals for Justice; An Injustice Avenged.

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