Chinese Hundreds of Herb-Medicine Imperial Cuisine: Healthy Life (Chinese-English)

JIAO Mingyao [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787109073654

China Agriculture Press 2002

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 Chinese Hundreds of Herb-Medicine Imperial Cuisine (View larger image)

‘Wholesome and rational diet’ is the main subject for the study of daily food and drink in the twenty-first century. Diet is the traditional Chinese theory of ‘building up one's health with different nourishing food and tonics in accordance with the varying needs of the human body in different seasons.' In addition, special attention should be paid to the balance of the diet - meat, vegetables, fat and fruits, etc. in good proportions. The selection, mixture and quantity of the ingredients used for the recipes in this series and the preparation for each dish are the result of many years' scientific research. About the author: Jiao Mingyao is an administrative assistant director of Tongrentang Imperial Cuisine Research Institute and General Manager and head cook of Tongrentang Imperial Cuisine Food Co. Ltd. He oversees research and development of healthcare nutriment dishes. He is also a member of China Cook Association, a member of China Herb-Medicine Cuisine Association, a councillor of Capital Healthcare Nutriment & Cuisine Association and visiting professor of East Cuisine Academy. Healthy Life contains: Introduction; Inscription; Recipes; The Relevant Knowledge of Herb-Medicine Imperial Cuisine; The Relevant Knowledge of Seafood Ingredient; The Relevant Knowledge of Main Materials in the Book; Postscript.

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