The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Medicine: A Textbook & Clinical Manual

FLAWS Bob, KUCHINSKI Lynn & CASANAS Robert [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781891845536

Blue Poppy Press 2002 1st Edition

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 The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Me (View larger image)

Worldwide, the incidence of diabetes is projected to double in the next 15 years. Chinese medicine has recognized and treated diabetes as a distinct disease for 2,500 years, and modern research has shown that it can >work better than many Western drugs >reduce the necessary dosages of those drugs >alleviate the side effects of those drugs, and >achieve better clinical outcomes when used in tandem with those drugs. This book is a textbook and clinical manual on the Chinese medical treatment of diabetes and its many complications. Among its 29 chapters, in addition to diabetes, you will learn how to treat such conditions as: >Hypertension >Hyperlipidemia >Coronary heart disease >Cerebral vascular disease >Diabetic neuropathy >Diabetic nephropathy >Diabetic retinopathy >Diabetic dermatological conditions >Opportunistic infections >Diabetic acromelic gangrene >Syndrome X Authors Flaws, Kuchinski, and Casañas also discuss the relationship between hypoglycemia an diabetes, insulin-dependent and noninsulin-dependent diabetes and what Chinese medicine can do for each, gestational diabetes, diabetes and diet (both Chinese & Western), and diabetes and exercise, including qigong. Other topics of discussion include diabetes and psychological disturbances, diabetes and treatment adherence, and diabetes and denial. ‘The authors of The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Medicine are to be congratulated for the first thorough and comprehensive look at the treatment of this all too common disease. Including detailed sections on the Western medical perspective, the history of the disease in China, and diet and exercise as well as pattern differentiation and treatment sections this is an enormously valuable resource for students and practitioners. The value of this book is further enhanced by the inclusion of a wide variety of suggestions for treatments and many case histories and clinical outcome studies. Useful web site addresses compliment the text as endnotes. An appendix of Western pharmaceuticals and a glossary of terms are included. One of the most impressive features of this book, especially for teachers and researchers, is the extensive bibliography of Chinese and English sources. Blue Poppy Press has again filled a gap in the English literature of East Asian medicine with a very useful book for clinicians and scholars alike.’ - Greg Bantick, B.Ac., MTOM, Senior Lecturer, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine ‘For the practitioner or student interested in the modern Chinese approach to diabetes, The Treatment of Diabetes with Chinese Medicine presents the most thorough selection of information currently available in English. The inclusion of the Western medical viewpoint in each section provides an important perspective. It can help Chinese medical practitioners communicate with allopathic practitioners and also give them a vantage point from which to view their own approach.’ - Andy Ellis, co-author of Grasping the Wind, co-translator of Fundamental of Chinese Medicine The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Medicine is authoritative and comprehensive. It is a coherent and integrated presentation of the classical and modern understanding of one of the world’s most common diseases. As such, this work represents a significant contribution to the modern clinical practice of Chinese medicine in the West, and will remain an exemplary work in the field for years to come.’ - Bob Damone, M.S., L. Ac. Chair, Department of Clinical Practice, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine ‘This comprehensive book offers a detailed synopsis of Chinese acupuncture and herbal therapy for the treatment of diabetes mellitus hitherto unavailable to Western readers. This text is without question unique in its extensive description of diabetes and its complications from the acupuncture and Chinese herbal point of view. A huge bibliography and numerous useful Internet websites as well as the authors’ combination of Chinese thinking and Western biomedicine make this a very useful book.’ - Rudolf Helling, MD, Chairman, Physicians’ Forum for Acupuncture, Germany ‘This is an outstanding text! It contains clinical information on the Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes never before available in English combined with up to date biomedical information. Chinese language material is meticulously translated, and basic patterns are supplemented by formula analysis and clinical case studies. The book is well written and should prove invaluable to any practitioner of Chinese medicine. I applaud the efforts of all of the authors in completing such a text.’ - Marnae Ergil, Ph.D., Instructor, New York College for Wholistic Education & Research, co-translator, Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Medicine is impressive not only in the scope of its inquiry but in the depth of its detail. The heart of the text is a thorough discussion of diabetes and its associated conditions that is constructed in a unique and practical fashion. After a brief analysis of each condition in terms of Western medicine, the authors then provide the Chinese medical pattern differentiation and treatment. What sets this book apart, however, is the inclusion of a great deal of modern research and aptly chosen cases which illustrate the basic principles. This book is a valuable addition to the libraries of students, researchers, and clinicians alike.’ - Craig Mitchell, M.S., Lic. Ac., co-translator, Shang Han Lun: On Cold Damage ‘This book is an excellent representation of the latest evolution of TCM texts. It provides essential material for pattern differentiation and treatment strategy for patients with diabetes. All too often, we need to reference our TCM texts and then open our Western medicine texts to review allopathic approaches. In this book, diabetes is discussed from both medical paradigms, giving the practitioner a detailed understanding of the complex nature of this disease. Treatment protocols, strategies, and outcomes are outlined in a manner that enables the reader to manage this disease confidently and responsibly with Chinese medicine. The authors were meticulous in providing references to all formulas and research listed in this book, thereby, making it an invaluable resource book for all TCM practitioners.’ - John Stan, DTCM, Reg. Ac. (Canada), CEO, Eastern Currents

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