Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing: A Factual Look at Unconventional Healing

ULETT George A. [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780875275192

Warren H. Green, Inc 1997 1st Edition

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 Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing: A Factual (View larger image)

In the misty dawn of history, magic, medicine, and religion were intimately interwoven, each seeking answers in the continued human quest for healing. This book addresses that quest. The early shaman or medicine man was a priest, healer, and magician. The healing power of nostrums, witchcraft, and religious shrines were based on faith in the treatment and in the healer. Indeed, the power of 'I believe' – placebo medicine – supplied healing abilities beyond the body’s own restorative mechanism. Throughout early centuries and the long Dark Ages, the strength of placebo medicine supported the patient during the natural course of disease. It was placebo medicine that helped the sick survive despite bloodletting, purging, and other harsh measures that were fashionable at the time. Profound changes in sanitation and other public health measures marked the beginning of the 20th Century. These, plus the later development of antibiotics, helped double life expectancy. Such dramatic changes in life expectancy and health care brought with them an optimistic view that modern scientific medicine would soon have the answer to all disease. With increasing longevity comes an increase in the number of diseases that accompany aging. These are, for the most part, chronic conditions for which allopathic medicine has no curative answers, only palliation. When allopathic medicine fails to cure these conditions and prayers go unanswered, the soil is ripe for the rapid growth of metaphysical healing. The human propensity for belief in magic and mystery is seen in children as a belief in tooth fairies and Santa Claus. In the adult, this is found in astrology, spiritualism, gambler’s luck, and parapsychology, to name a few examples. Figures show that today, one third of all patients turn away from allopathic medicine, seeking healing from the ancient, unproven, and mysterious methods of holistic healers. This book traces the separate and interlacing paths of magic, religion, and medicine through the centuries as they relate to healing. Most books on alternative medicine are enthusiastic and uncritically supportive. They simply, naively, accept the claims of holistic practitioners at face value without judging their scientific value. Other writers are disparaging and openly critical of the whole field of holistic medicine. Alternative Medicine or Magical Healing attempts to give a balanced picture of the New Age healing movement, and is on the lookout for supportive data in the great bulk of relevant material. Which treatments should be approached with caution or entirely avoided? Which methods have good supportive studies and might be cautiously accepted as complementary additions to allopathic treatment? The book discusses in greater detail those methods having a scientific basis and suggests how others might benefit from further carefully controlled studies. It also discusses blatant quackery and the methods used to sell pseudomedicine to an ever-gullible public eagerly searching for magical cures. Partial Contents: >Roots of Alternative Medicine >Alternative Healing East & West >Human Propensity for Mystery & Magic >Shamanism, Spiritualism, Astrology & Parapsychology >Placebo - the Power of 'I Believe' >Religious Healing >The Many Faces of Relaxation >Biofeedback >Hypnosis >Doubtful Holistic Diagnostic Procedures >Comprehensive Systems of Alternative Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine >Chiropractic & Osteopathy >'Sideshows' of Unconventional Medicine >Herbs & Homeopathy >Diet & Vitamins >Traditional & Scientific Acupuncture for Pain and Addiction George Andrew Ulett, M.D., Ph.D., is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School of Medicine and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Community and Family Medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine. He is a former Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Director of Psychiatry of the City of St. Louis, and Director of the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Most recently, Dr. Ulett was Director of the Department of Psychiatry at Deaconess Hospital, St. Louis. He is the author of over 225 medical articles and books. Dr. Ulett received his B.A. degree in Psychology from Stanford University and his M.S., M.D., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Oregon Medical School. He studied Neurology at the Harvard Neurological Unit and Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine. He is boarded in Psychiatry and certified in Electro-encephalography. Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Ulett became acquainted with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. He was recently keynote speaker at a conference on East/West Medicine in Seoul, Korea. In addition, he teaches a course in Alternative Medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine, which includes hands-on instruction in neuro-electric acupuncture using his text, Beyond Yin & Yang: How Acupuncture Really Works. He is in private practice in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychiatry, which includes psychotherapy, algology, neuro-electric acupuncture, hypnosis, food allergy, and herbology. Dr. Ulett is well acquainted with the methods of magic, mystery, and deception, having been a magician for 55 years. He is a member of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.

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