Energy Medicine in Therapeutics & Human Performance

OSCHMAN James [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780750654005

Butterworth Heinemann 2003 1st Edition

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 Energy Medicine in Therapeutics & Human Performanc (View larger image)

This book provides, from physiology and biophysics collected from leaders in the complementary and alternative therapy fields, a possible mechanism for new observations of mind and body processes which influence the body's healing and performance. Features: >Provides an understanding of the nature of energy medicine by exploring science & common experience >Explains complex scientific concepts in ways that are both vivid & easy to grasp >Connects abstract theories with practical applications >Addresses technical detail in a manner that allows readers from different backgrounds & with different depths of experience to choose their own level >Includes detailed references with cutting-edge research & time-tested studies for the most well rounded perspective on the subject >Written by a well-known & highly respected author in this complex & emerging field of study Contents: >Prologue >Preface >Acknowledgements >Introduction >A brief history of energy medicine >Energy medicine today >A place for science >Prof takes on cancer >A kitten & a fly >Sensation & movement at the edge >Another way of knowing & moving >Introducing the living matrix >Properties of the living matrix >The living matrix & acupuncture >More clues from acupuncture >Continuum in natural systems >A crisis in bioenergetics >Introducing biological coherence >Limitations of the neuron doctrine >Sensation & movement >Neural communication >Muscle contraction >Biological coherence: the Davydov soliton >Solitons & muscle contraction >Sensing solitons in soft tissues >Soft tissue memory >Soft tissue holography >A Continuum Pathway for sensation & movement >Quantum Coherence in the Living Matrix


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