Shiatsu for Midwives

YATES Suzanne & ANDERSON Tricia [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780750655231

Butterworth Heinemann 2003 2nd Edition

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 Shiatsu for Midwives (View larger image)

This book provides an in-depth guide to how shiatsu can form part of modern maternity care. The authors help the midwife gain an understanding of shiatsu and discuss the actions necessary to establish its use in a maternity unit, including training and professional issues. This book presents the theory relevant to the use of shiatsu in maternity care in terms easily understood by the midwife with the practical applications of shiatsu in maternity care explained through the presentation of some specific techniques, backed up with case study examples drawn from midwives using shiatsu as part of their practice, in the UK and world-wide. The authors also discuss the safe use of many of the techniques by parents detailing some along with case study examples. Shiatsu for personal health is also briefly discussed. Yates & Anderson bring the knowledge and skill of a midwife lecturer and supervisor, and a past editor of The Practising Midwife to ensure the content is appropriate to midwives' Code of Practice and to ensure that this is a key text for anyone wishing to explore this new area. Features: >Teaches midwives how to incorporate the use of Shiatsu into safe practice & relates the practice of Shiatsu to professional midwifery issues such as Code of Conduct, Employer issues, etc. >Clear line drawings & photographs illustrate techniques & are backed up by discussions of actual case studies >Information on how to teach parents shiatsu skills for future use makes this an extremely useful tool for midwives >An additional section provides self-help techniques for midwives to enable them to combat personal stress Contents: >Foreword by Tricia Anderson >Preface >Introduction >Section 1: Professional Issues >Section 2: Yin & Yang - applying eastern theory to midwifery >Section 3: Hands on shiatsu - practical applications >Section 4: How can shiatsu help midwives? >Appendices >Glossary of Japanese terms >Research references >Contact lists for training.

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