Modern Chinese: A Complete Course (Text/Audio CD edition)

PEKING University [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780486995472

Dover 2003 1st Edition

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Based on the Dover cassette edition - which was selected by Harvard University as the best self-study available - this basic course in modern Mandarin Chinese is now available in CD-ROM format. Perfect for home or travel use, the 30-lesson course includes a thorough textbook that covers phonetics, vocabulary, and a practical analytical grammar, comprising material unavailable elsewhere. Graded lessons offer both characters and phonetic transcriptions, reading exercises, and practice in translation and writing. The pin yin transcription system is employed, with a conversion table for those familiar with the earlier Yale and Wade systems. Students who complete this intensive basic course will be fully able to converse in the simple Chinese of everyday life.

Audio CDs x 2s (with duration of 120 minutes) & 270pp paperback book


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