An Introduction to Complementary Medicine

ROBSON Terry (editor) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781741140545

Allen & Unwin 2003 1st Edition

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 An Introduction to Complementary Medicine (View larger image)

An authoritative overview for students and practitioners that introduces the principles of complementary and alternative medicine and explores the issues surrounding practice.

> What is complementary medicine?
> What evidence is there to support its use?
> What can orthodox medicine learn from holistic practices?

Providing a sound introduction to the range of treatments and philosophies usually termed 'complementary and alternative medicine', this book offers a systematic explanation of the philosophies and practices that underpin contemporary complementary medicine.

Introduction to Complementary Medicine examines the rise in popularity of complementary medicine and discusses the challenges of developing a more integrated system of health care.

Drawing on recent research, this book explores the development, application, evidence, contraindications and appropriateness of a wide range of traditional systems of medicine and healing modalities. Written by leading academics, researchers and experienced practitioners, Introduction to Complementary Medicine is designed as a reference for students and practitioners in a range of health professions.

Part I: Holism in Medicine
>1. The evolving medical paradigm (Terry Robson)

Part II: Philosophies of Healing
>2. Ayurveda (Shaun Matthews)
>3. Indigenous Healing (Martha Macintyre)
>4. Naturopathy (Assunta Hunter, Stephen Myers, Pamela Snyder & Jared Zeff)
>5. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Alan Bensoussan & Corinne Patching)

Part III: Healing Modalities
>6. Acupuncture (Kylie O'Brien & Charlie Xue)
>7. Aromatherapy (Mark Webb)
>8. Chiropractic (Phillip Ebrall)
>9. Counselling (Stephen Andrew)
>10. Flower Essences (Bach flowers, Bush flowers) (Nicole Heneka & Ian White)
>11. Herbal Medicine (Western) (Hans Wohlmuth)
>12. Homoeopathy (Ian Howden)
>13. Massage (Vicki Tuchtan)
>14. Nutrition (Karen Bridgman)
>15. Osteopathy (Nick Lucas & Robert Moran)
>16. Yoga & Meditation (Simon Borg-Oliver & Bianca Machliss)

Part IV: Integrated Medicine
B>>17. Challenges facing an integrated approach (Stephen Myers)

Terry Robson BA, Dip Ed, ND is a health journalist and health reporter for radio and television networks around Australia. A fully qualified naturopath he has worked extensively in private practice, the manufacture of complementary medicines and as deputy editor of International Wellbeing magazine. Terry also participated in an extensive lecture tour of Australia with leading US naturopath, Michael Murray.

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