Fun Chinese for Kids 2 (Chinese-English)

SISA Chinese Centre (compiler) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787800529283

Sinolingua 2004 1st Edition

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 Fun Chinese for Kids 2 (Chinese-English) (View larger image)

These textbooks are designed with dialogues applicable to the everyday life of children. While studying this textbook the student can listen to the accompanying cassette tapes to hear dialogues between native speakers. Practicing and reciting these dialogues will allow 'a child's ears and mouth to "open" naturally'. Pronunciation, including initials and finals, are taught using amusing cartoons. Kids can quickly and easily associate these pictures with Chinese characters. The accompanying 'cassette tapes of conversations' are for centralised training for listening and speaking. Listen to the native speakers' accurate pronunciations and tones, and - like listening to a song - you will learn with your ears first, and eventually be able to speak it yourself. Detailed descriptions of tones, one of the most important characteristics of the Chinese language, are provided. There are many practical examples for each tone so that natural and accurate pronunciations are introduced to children's ears and mouths. The 'rules of tones' - which make pronunciation much clearer and easier to master - are listed. There are many typical Chinese names as examples so that kids will become familiar with them. Adults who want to learn conversation-oriented instead of grammar-oriented Chinese can also use these textbooks.

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