Chinese Medical Characters, Volume 2: Acupoint Vocabulary

WISEMAN Nigel & ZHANG Yu Huan [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780912111698

Paradigm Publications 2005 1st Edition

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 Chinese Medical Characters

This work forms an integral part of the Chinese Medical Characters series for students and practitioners who are engaged in the study of Chinese medicinal language. This volume continues the style of presentation in Volume One, featuring the root vocabulary of acupoints and their function within the conceptual system of Chinese medicine. The format of the second volume is the same as that of the first. Each of the 100 characters is introduced in its simplified and complex forms with significs and stroke counts for both forms. The most commonly used equivalents of the characters are also shown. Further descriptions give the composition of the character, explain the evolution of its meanings, and give examples of character combinations. A final section sets out the stroke sequence for the character and includes space for students to practice writing the characters. The Chinese name reflects a point's location, function, yin-yang and five-phase affiliation, or relationship to the channel system. Thus they tell students something about the clinical utilisation of the point, or provide a mnemonic key to important features of its use. For easy review purposes, an appendix contains a systematic list of channel point names which are exclusively comprised of characters introduced in this book and in Volume One. When you have mastered these two books, you will be amazed at how many point names you can read for yourself

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