*Chinese For Everyone 1 (with 2 Audio Compact Discs)

SU David Liqun ATKINSON Joanne & ZHANG George [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781845700003

Cypress Book Company 2004 1st Edition

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 *Chinese For Everyone 1  (with 2 Audio Compact Dis (View larger image)

This beginner’s Chinese textbook was developed at the Language Centre in the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, primarily for adult English speakers. Its aim is to provide a simple and user-friendly way of learning Chinese, and this is achieved by: >Keeping grammar explanations to a minimal >Defining simple rules to be followed >Limiting the numbers of words and Chinese characters to be mastered >Providing interactive exercises to ensure active learning There are ten lessons in this book, each centred on a Chinese speech pattern based on one of the most essential verbs. Grammar explanations have been kept to the minimal in order to focus the learner's attention on practising and using the language. The vocabulary introduced in each lesson has also been limited to the most basic so that the learner can use familiar words to say short, simple sentences, thereby gaining a degree of nuance in a relatively short period of time. From the beginning, a lot of emphasis has been placed on word orders - one of the most important aspects of Chinese grammar, especially at beginner's level. By following and repeating the exercises in each lesson - including listening, speaking and writing - learners soon build up a confidence that enables them to start communicating in Chinese. The material and approach of this book had been piloted in the Language Centre at SOAS over a considerable length of time before publication, and had proved effective and user-friendly. The book is suitable for English speaking adult beginners who learn Chinese on a part-time basis, and for the students who learn beginners Chinese as one of their options toward any qualification they study for; and can also be used by full time students as an introductory textbook to Chinese.

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