Ni Hao 1 Introductory Level: Games Software Win/Mac CD-ROM (Single User)

FREDLEIN Shumang [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781876739362

Chinasoft April2004 2nd Edition

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The Ni Hao computer program is available as a hybrid Macintosh/IBM CD-ROM

The Ni Hao Games computer program is an integral part of the Ni Hao: An Introduction to Chinese text books. There are currently three section in the Ni Hao Games programme all with native speaker audio. Students are awarded gold coins where one Yuanbao equals five gold coins. When exiting the programme a list of results can be printed. Only registered users, schools and colleges receive free upgrades to later versions and can obtain free technical support. The Games: Section One teaches the student to write characters in the correct stroke order. Students can preview the character written stroke by stroke by the computer and can then practice a character by using the mouse to write each stroke. The student clicks the mouse at the start of the stroke and whilst holding the button down drags the mouse along the stroke to the end. The stroke fills with blue 'ink' as the mouse is moved along the stroke. When students are confident with the stroke order, they can test their skills by having the computer present each character in a lesson to be written stroke by stroke by the student. For each correct stroke the student receives one gold coin. Section Two reinforces the content introduced in the Ni Hao textbook. Students look at a series of colour illustrations which may be part of a dialogue an object or an expression and select the correct conversation or description from the choice of four shown below the cartoon. For the correct choice on the first attempt the student receives two gold coins. Section Three is a memory game which reinforces the vocabulary and character recognition introduced in the textbook. The student chooses a deck consisting of pairs of cards and the computer then places each card in the deck face down on the table. The student chooses two cards by clicking then with the mouse. The two cards are turned face up and if they match they are removed from the game. If they do not match they are then faced down again and the student makes another choice. Students race against the clock to clear all cards from the table before no gold coins remain. (For this item please quote stock ID 2399)

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