*Meeting In China: Practical Chinese - Listening Comprehension 1

ISBN: 9787561912010

Beijing Language & Culture University Press 2003 1st Edition

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 *Meeting In China: Practical Chinese - Listening C (View larger image)

Meeting in China- Practical Chinese: Listening Comprehension is designed for learners to train their skills separately after they have completed the elementary course. It organizes the teaching of the elementary course with the focus on language function, which may be used either together with the Speaking and Reading and Writing textbooks, or separately with relative independence. Principles of compilation: - Taking the communicative function as the guiding principle to stress the characteristics of the training of listening skills. The objective of the teaching of listening is to improve students listening skills and cultivate their abilities to use the language in the real communication. Taking the communicative function as the guiding principle, the textbook has two or three functional dialogues in different situations for each lesson to help the learners to improve their listening sill and practice the dialogues, thus facilitating the combined training of listening and memorizing. - Adopting the scientific and progressive training method. The vocabulary, sentences, sentence speed and structures are all arranged in the order of progressive degrees of difficulty, so as to help the learners gradually improve their listening and speaking skills. This book is compiled by following the principles that all the materials are scientifically arranged in a progressive and integrated way, overall practices are offered while stressing the difficult points, and ample exercises are also supplied. - Stressing the training of listening to the key words and sentences. The book, in structure is arranged in the teaching order fro words to sentences, and then to passages. As we know, the key to understanding a passage is to get the gist of the key sentence. In terms of a sentence, the speaker usually gives emphasis to a part of it through a change of stress, pause, mood or tone. Once they understand this part, the learners will master the meaning of the whole sentence. The words, phrases, and imitation exercises of sentences provided in the textbook are mostly the key words and sentences of the lessons, which serve as a foundation for understanding the functional dialogues and the texts. The Listening Comprehension consists of two volumes, each containing 15 lessons. Each lesson covers five parts: new words, listen and repeat, functional dialogues, text and comprehension and differentiation.

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