Pop Mandarin: A Postmodern Chinese Phrasebook from Feng Shui to Wall Street

DITTERICH-SHILAKES Kirsten & CHEN Janey [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781891688041

Red Mansions Publishing 2005 1st Edition

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 Pop Mandarin: A Postmodern Chinese Phrasebook from (View larger image)

Great new supplement to language learners frustrated by boring and predictable textbooks! Pop Mandarin is loaded with nearly 1,000 phrases (including both pinyin and simplified characters for each sentence) designed to equip students with a vocabulary to converse with hip, cosmopolitan, and cutting-edge ideas that go beyond any other Chinese phrasebook. This is the perfect volume for any one who has wondered how to tell or ask someone ... >How did the Dow do today? >How to request an upgrade to business class >I like to surf/mountain bike/rollerblade/do yoga >How to describe the American invention of the fortune cookie >I am a vegetarian >Why you are in China to adopt your Chinese daughter >Why you recycle your newspapers >How to request a glass of Chardonnay This book is a cross-cultural, English-Mandarin phrase book written from a unique and distinctly postmodern, western perspective. Catering to both novice and advanced learners, this is the first contemporary work of its kind that focuses on popular culture. Pop Mandarin covers many contemporary touch-points, spanning topics such as cultural diversity, the environment, Chinese medicine, international business, art and adoption. Pop Mandarin is an enlightened volume that will ratchet up your Mandarin language proficiency, spark cross-cultural conversations, and take the words of the ancients full-circle into today’s hot topics. Kirsten Ditterich-Shilakes has been a student of Chinese for over 10 years and has studied at Peking University. Kirsten holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley in Political Economy of Industrialised Societies. She is a docent at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Janey Chen is a long-standing language and cultural educator/author of Mandarin and Cantonese for over 50 years, with multiple teaching and administration assignments at the Taipei Language Institute in Taiwan, Chinese University in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Language Institute (HKLI). Janey has written over 20 books.

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