Electroacupuncture: A Practical Manual & Resource (with CD-ROM)

MAYOR David F. [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780443063695

Churchill Livingstone 2007 1st UK Edition

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 Electroacupuncture: A Practical Manual & Resource  (View larger image)

Electroacupuncture presents the theoretical foundation and scientific and clinical evidence for electroacupuncture, as well as giving guidance on its effective practice. Illustrated with informative case histories, this major new book introduces all the information a beginning practitioner needs to know and explores avenues for advanced work. The accompanying CD-ROM is an ideal research tool that provides searchable chapters from the book and an extensive database of more than 8,000 clinical trials, accessible via the CD-ROM or through a companion website.

This book provides:
>The first comprehensive overview of modern acupuncture methods for over twenty years
>A clear guide to an increasingly popular form of acupuncture
>The basis for immediate application in clinical situations, with many case studies to illustrate the variety of possible approaches
>A bridge between traditional & scientific approaches to acupuncture, using language that sifts highly technical material into manageable information.

Electroacupuncture further includes an interactive CD-ROM containing over 15,000 references and a fully searchable database of more than 8,000 clinical studies. These contain material from thousands of studies translated from Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian & other European languages and never before available in English.
The book also has a comprehensive glossary of important concepts. Contents:
Part 1: Initial Orientation
>Introduction >Electroacupuncture East & West: the historical context

Part 2: Electromagnetism & vibration: concepts & terminology
>Electroacupuncture in context: the effects of electrotherapy
>Neurophysiology, acupoints & meridians: Western & Eastern perspectives
>How electroacupuncture works
>Observations from experimental & animal studies
>Gathering the threads - from observations to mechanisms & models
>Does electroacupuncture work? Evaluating the controlled clinical trials
>Acupuncture in clinical practice: an overview
>Psychological & nervous conditions
>Stroke & cerebrovascular disease
>Peripheral motor disorders
>The immune system & the endocrine system
>Disorders of the skin & hair, eye & ear, nose, throat & mouth
>Obstetrics, gynaecology & the breast
>The cardiovascular system
>The respiratory system
>The gastrointestinal system, liver, gallbladder & pancreas
>The genitourinary tract
>Pain & its treatment
>Neurogenic pain -Head & facial pain -Neck pain
>Musculoskeletal conditions: an integrated approach
>Acupuncture anaesthesia
>Postoperative pain
>Appetite regulation & weight control

Part 3: Technology & Practice
>The technology of acupuncture
>Tools of the Trade
>The basic do's & don'ts
>An integrated approach
>Conclusion & the view ahead

Appendix 1: Resources information, organisations & suppliers
Appendix 2: Technology in practice assessment, legislation & insurance.

80 illustrations. Includes a CD-ROM


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