i-HSK A: Practise for the Chinese Proficiency Test

HARDING Myles [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780000000002

Purple Panda 2006 1st Edition

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 i-HSK A: Practise for the Chinese Proficiency Test (View larger image)

i-HSK is an interactive software program for practising your ability to recognise, write and pronounce the Chinese characters and compounds covered by the official Chinese proficiency test (HSK).

i-HSK offers the following benefits...
>sound bites for each character and compound; >a Stroke Animator showing the stroke order for each character; >the pinyin and English for each character and compound; >a list of common usages for each character; and >a Personal Record of your progress.

The author writes: All in all one needs a basic 5,000 word vocabulary to be able to begin to read Chinese. This level of vocabulary allows you to increase your vocabulary by reading. From this basic level, it is possible to read for an hour or so a day and to build up a realistic vocabulary of 10,000 Chinese words. This may sound daunting, but attaining literacy in Chinese is a battle that billions of Chinese people have won.

To learn 5,000 Chinese words requires a good deal of determination, effort and a systematic approach. Only you can provide the determination and effort. However, i-HSK provides the systematic approach. i-HSK has four modules and each module contains a series of lessons and a 'practise map' that automatically keeps track of your progress. i-HSK A is the first module. It covers the most common 802 characters and 573 compounds.

For what it is worth, I discipline myself to practice Chinese whenever I watch television. I have one eye, and most of my concentration, on the computer and one eye on the television.

In my youth my parents did not allow me to do my homework in front of the television. Modern children though have taught me that it is okay to multi-task. Observing modern teenagers simultaneously playing computer games while doing their homework, watching a video and listening to music has taught me that the human mind can handle multiple inputs.

System requirements: 500MHz CPU, 2569787533120535

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