A Study of Qi

ROCHAT DE LA VALLEE Elisabeth [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781872468280

Monkey Press 2006 1st Edition

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 A Study of Qi (View larger image)

'Qi is an expression of the natural order of life.' An understanding of qi is central to Chinese philosophy, art, medicine and movement therapies, but we often rely on vague terminology, using the catch-phrase 'energy' to explain what qi is. A Study of Qi contains detailed descriptions of the various differentiations of qi, but also a wide-ranging philosophical investigation into the origin and development of the concept of qi itself. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée explores the philosophical texts of the Zuozhuan, Zhuangzi, Huainanzi and Mencius, as well as the medical texts of the Neijing and Nanjing, to provide context and depth to our understanding of this ever-present but elusive activity of life. 'The qi always precedes the form. There is no form if there is no qi. Even in the body there is no maintenance or transformation of the form without qi. On the other hand, without a form there can be no expression of qi.'

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