Menopause & Chinese Medicine

FLAWS Bob [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781891845406

Blue Poppy Press 2007 1st Edition

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 Menopause & Chinese Medicine (View larger image)

This book describes the disease mechanisms, pattern discrimination, and Chinese medical treatment of perimenopausal and menopausal syndromes never before published in the English. In it, Bob Flaws explains the precipitating and on-going roles of the liver, spleen, and heart in the climacteric, not just the kidneys. If you have ever wondered why the kidneys become exhausted at seven times seven years of age in women, this book will tell you! In addition, it contains numerous reports on clinical trails and real-life case histories from some of the most famous doctors in China. A must for anyone interested in treating menopausal complaints with Chinese medicine. Contents: Chapter 1 - Menopause and What it Means in Terms of Health and Well-Being Chapter 2 - The Western Medical Diagnosis & Treatment of Premature Menopause, Perimenopausal Syndrome, Menopausal Syndrome, and Postmenopausal Health Concerns Chapter 3 - Chinese Medicine & Menopause Chapter 4 - Chinese Medicine & Menopausal Syndrome Chapter 5 - Chinese Medical Treatment of Menopausal Syndrome Chapter 6 - Representative Chinese Research Chapter 7 - Representative Case Histories Chapter 8 - Dietary & Lifestyle Recommendations >Bibliography >Formula Index >General Index

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