Chinese-English Illustrated TCM External Therapies for Common Diseases

JIN Hongzhu [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787532386123

Shanghai Science & Technology Literature Press 2006 1st Edition

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 Chinese-English Illustrated TCM External Therapies (View larger image)

Like the internal treatments of traditional Chinese medicine, the external therapies of TCM are equally important and essential parts of diagnosis and therapeutic techniques of TCM. Compared with the therapy of internal medicine, the external therapies are safe and non-invasive, with lasting effect but no involvement of metabolism and therefore more indicated for the old and young who are reluctant or unable to take oral medications. The book introduces 43 external therapies of TCM which work to effectively treat diseases by stimulating the body surface through medication and electro-magnetic field therapy, leading to dredging meridians and regulating qi, blood and function of internal organs through skin-penetrating absorption and meridian qi induction. It is suitable for those readers who are TCM external therapy doctors, the faculty and students of the universities of TCM, TCM external therapy fans, overseas external therapy practitioners and international students.

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