Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1: Cards (Simplified Characters)

MA Yamin [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9789620440298

Joint Publishing Company 2016 2nd Edition

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 Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1: Cards (Simplified Ch (Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1: Cards (Simplified Characters))

Chinese Made Easy for Kids adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language. It is designed for primary students who are learning Chinese as total beginners. This Kids series is a foundation course that accompanies the Chinese Made Easy series of five books.

Chinese Made Easy for Kids comprises four (4) levels: each level consists of one textbook (with audio CD) and one workbook. After completing this series learners will be able to write about 100 simple Chinese characters from memory, recognise over 500 Chinese characters, and be able to develop listening and speaking kills from an early age.

The focus of this series is:
> Basic knowledge of pinyin
> Basic knowledge of strokes and character stroke order
> Listening and speaking skills
> A lively and free learning atmosphere of Chinese language learning through rhymes, pictures and story telling
> Tasks and activities designed for this age group
> Up-to-date topics relevant to primary school students
Topics included in this series: > Greetings
> Classroom language
> Personal introduction
> Numbers & dates
> Countries & languages
> Occupations & work places
> Modes of transport
> Colours & clothing
> Daily routines
> School subjects & facilities
> Parts of the body & illness
> Everyday articles
> Stationery
> Articles in the house
> Animals
> House & rooms

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