Chinese Massage DVD Series: Hand Massage (with English subtitle)

ISBN: 9787885194093

Guangzhou Qiao Jia Ren Chu Ban She 2007

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 Chinese Massage DVD Series: Hand Massage (with Eng (View Larger Image)

Hands Massage therapy is the traditional treatment applying Chinese massage techniques which can adjust the blood and breath of the bowels and make Ying and Yang parallel so as to preserve and protect people’s health and prevent diseases. It can deal with the following diseases: 1. Cold, 2. Cough, 3. hiccough, 4. headache, 5. insomnia, 6. swirling, 7. apoplexy, 8. hiccough and deaf, 9. neurasthenic, 10, asthma, 11, stomachache, 12, impotence, 13. spermatorrhea, 14. dysmenorrheal, 15. maladjustment of menses, 16. toothache, 17. sciatica, 18. carsickness, 19. stiff neck 20. acute waist’s wrick.

Running time: 45 mins. Subtitles: Chinese & English. All Zones.

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