Chinese Medicinal Food DVD Series: In Spring (with English Subtitle)

ISBN: 9787884087976

Guangzhou Qiao Jia Ren Chu Ban She

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 Chinese Medicinal Food DVD Series: In Spring (with (View Larger Image)

1.Soup of Dodder and Liver Fat 2. Decoction of White Peony Root and Fish 3. Medicated Egg with Radix Polygoni Multiflori 4. Zikou with Beef 5. Decoction of Yam,Medlar and Young Pigeon 6. Decoction of Christina Loosestrife Herb 7. Fruit of Wolfberry with Shredded Chicken 8. Shredded Chicken with Toona Sinensis 9. Stewed Cyprinoid with Gastrodia Elata

Running time: 47 mins. Subtitles: Chinese & English. All Zones.

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