Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine

WANG Ju-Yi & ROBERTSON Jason [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780939616626

Eastland Press 2008 1st Edition

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 Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (View larger image)

Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine demonstrates how a deeper understanding of the interrelationship between organ and channel theory can lead to more precise diagnoses and better clinical results. This book is a collaboration between Wang Ju-Yi, one of modern China’s most respected scholars, teachers, and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, and his American apprentice and practitioner, Jason Robertson.

While most textbooks focus either on the functions of the organs in basic physiology or on the uses of the channels in treatment, this book shows the essential relationships between the two. Theory and practice are connected through a detailed discussion of a channel palpation methodology developed by Dr. Wang, which leads to more precise and effective point selection, location, and technique.

Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine was developed during Mr. Robertson’s apprenticeship with Dr. Wang in Beijing, and is presented in a unique and highly readable format that preserves the intimacy of dialogue between apprentice and teacher, with questions and answers, narratives, and case studies.

About the author
Wang Ju-Yi is a member of the first graduating class of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (1962) and has practiced Chinese medicine for over 45 years. After three decades of seeing patients at the Xuan Wu Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Beijing, Dr. Wang retired to edit the prestigious journal Chinese Acupuncture. He has also been a pioneer in developing a private Chinese medical practice in the quickly changing environment of modern Beijing.

Jason D. Robertson is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (San Francisco). He has lived and worked in China and Taiwan for over eight years. He studied Chinese language at Washington and Lee University, and then completed a post-graduate language program at Taiwan Normal University. Mr. Robertson currently maintains a private practice in Seattle, and is on the faculty of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.

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