Well-Known Cultural Literates of China: Zhang Zhongjing/ Zhu Zaiyu (DVD)

ISBN: 9787884082056

Qiaojiaren (Beauty Culture Communication)

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 Well-Known Cultural Literates of China: Zhang Zhon (View Larger Image)

Zhang Zhongjing His book Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases was the greatest achievement of the medical theory since Qin and Han Dynasty, which was applied broadly in medical practice. It was also one of the most significant books in medical science history. Zhu Zaiyu An eminent musicologist, mathematician and calendarist, who was honored to be “oriental personage of artistic encyclopedia type”. He held that practice and experiment were very important, exerting his utmost effort in seeking the truth.

Running time: 50 mins, Chinese and English subtitles

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