Well-Known Cultural Literates of China: Xuan Zang/ Yue Fei (DVD)

ISBN: 9787884082056

Qiaojiaren (Beauty Culture Communication)

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 Well-Known Cultural Literates of China: Xuan Zang/ (Image linked with this item)

Xuan Zang Xuan Zang,was a great sutra translator in Chinese history. He opened a new era for the sutra translation history in China. At the same time he gave sermon actively. Bound up in Buddhism education,he had a lot of eminent students. Xuanzang's sutra translation and missionizing made Chang'an the center of Buddhism in the era. Yue Fei Yue Fei,was a famous general against Jin invaders in the early Southern Song. he was killed by Zhao Gou and Qin Hui on some trumped-up charge.

Running time: 50 mins, Chinese and English subtitles

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