Watermelon Frost Spray

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Gui Lin San Jin Pharmaceutical Co

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 Watermelon Frost Spray (View larger image)


Xi Gua Shuang Citrulli Vulgaris, Fructus 510mg
She Gan Belamcandae Chinensis, Radix 60mg
Mu Han Guo Siratia Grosvenorii, Fructus 60mg
Chuan Bei Mu Fritillariae Cirrhosae, Bulbus 150mg
Shan Dou Gen Sophorae Tonkinensis, Radix 60 mg
Bo He Nao Menthol 30mg
Qing Dai Indigo Pulverata Levis 40mg
Huang Qin Scutellariae Baicalensis, Radix 60mg
Mei Pian Bomeol 30mg

TCM Action
Clears Toxic Heat, purges Fire, relieves inflammation and stops pain, stops bleeding and promote healing.

TCM Pattern Diagnosis
Toxic Heat and Fire.

Stomatitis, mouth and lips ulcer, tonsillitis, swollen and aching throat, Hoarseness, swollen and aching gums, bleeding gums, children's thrush.

Red with yellow greasy coat.

Slippery and Rapid or Full and Rapid.

Acute and Chronic Pharyngitis, Acute Tonsillitis, Acute Stomatitis, Acute Periodontitis, First degree Burns.

Spray directly on the ulcer: use few times per day for severe condition, and take 1-2 grams internally

> With "Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan" for chronic mouth ulcers due to Heart and Kidney Yin Deficient Fire.
> With "Li Zhong Wan" for chronic mouth ulcers due to Spleen Yang Deficiency.

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