Receiving Spirit: The Practice of Five Element Acupuncture

KAATZ Debra [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780954916640

The Petite Bergerie Press 2009 1st Edition

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 Receiving Spirit: The Practice of Five Element Acu (View larger image)

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art. Each of the acupuncture points is a palace of healing energy for the body, mind and spirit. When we suffer from 'dis-ease' these points can be used to bring our energy back into harmony and wholeness. They can also help our spirit to deepen, grow and mature. This book is about the healing practice of Five Element Acupuncture as treatment, meditation and for expanding our spirit. It is an accessible and inspiring addition to all traditions of acupuncture.

About the Author
Debra Kaatz lives in rural France in a stone house she build herself that is surrounded by magical gardens. She works as a Chinese Medicine healer, teacher and musician. She is invited to teach in countries around the world.

Harrison Xinshi Tu is a master Chinese calligrapher devoted to his art form. He exhibits internationally in the USA, Japan, Singapore and Europe. He is also a devoted proponent of exchange and mutual understanding between East and West.

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318 pp

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