Dr. Zhou's Rhymes/Xiaokang Geyao Vol. 1 (CD- Singing)

ZHOU Xiaokang [Other titles by this author]


1st Edition

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 Dr. Zhou''s Rhymes/Xiaokang Geyao Vol. 1 (CD- Singi (Dr. Zhou''s Rhymes/Xiaokang Geyao Vol. 1 (CD- Singing))

Dr. Zhou's Rhymes has evolved from the author's many years' teaching practice of Chinese as Second Language in Australia. Its aim is to assist non-Chinese background Australian students to learn Chinese as Second Language more effectively. It is highly relevant in the teaching of the Chinese language and the learning activities related to Chinese culture at all year levels from primary to secondary schools. Not only can it be used as a supplementary textbook to the existing Chinese language textbooks, such as the Ni Hao series, but also as a useful teaching resource in conjunction with any kind of Chinese language teaching. Features: 1. Highly relevat: All the rhymes are related to the lessons from the textbooks currently used in most Australian schools and some overseas, so they are highly relevant in terms of the vocabulary and sentence patterns learned in each unit. Thus they serve as a summary of the new words and expressions taught in the given context and meet the required standards for every year level. They are adaptable and can be used in conjunction with any existing similar topic-based textbooks, or independently, with the cultural elements such as famous mountains and rivers in China and Australian animals and sports providing mutual benefits to both Chinese and Australian students. 2. Extremely simple: All the rhymes use simple words, phrases and sentence structures, usually three or five or seven words each line, no longer than four to six lines each rhyme. 3. Vibrantly rhythmical, poetically rhyming and symmetrical: Words are easily remembered and recited because of the rhyming and rhythmical nature. 4. Stimulatingly repetitious: Key words, phrases and sentence patterns are deliberately repeated to re-enforce the memory. 5. Conveniently bilingual: All the rhymes have word-for-word translation to English, which will help students to better interpret the meaning of each individual word/character as well as their combined meanings; in some rhymes the Chinese and English have been deliberately intermingled to achieve a special rhythmical effect and this will help Firs Chinese students to learn English and practise their translation skills. 6. Readily adaptable: Popular tunes and existing rhymes and songs are used to create a sense of relaxed comfort and familiarity. 7. Highly interactive: Most of the rhymes start with a question and an answer, thus they can be performed as a dialogue or role-play, therefore achieving an effective communication between the students. 8.Beautifully illustrated: Each rhyme has a set of illustrations which bring it to life with brilliant colours and images. This will increase the students’ interests. 9. Happily engaging: an enriching learning experience, enhancing an easy happy-go-lucky atmosphere and creating team-work and co-operative spirit in class with everyone being involved in class singing, reciting or performing at the school assembly. Dr. Zhou’s Rhymes has 150 verses, which will be released in three books, consisting of 50 verses each. It is my firm belief that these rhymes and songs will add a new perspective and pleasure to the teaching and learning process of the Chinese language to every teacher and student

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