Lymphatic Drainage Massage (DVD)

REIHL Sean [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 0182064000094

Real Bodywork 1st Edition

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 Lymphatic Drainage Massage (DVD) (View larger image)

This beautiful DVD will guide you through the anatomy of the lymphatic system, the location of the nodes and drainage patterns, as well as contraindications and indications for lymphatic drainage massage. Then Sean Riehl leads you step-by-step through over 60 techniques covering the face and body. With a clear presentation and hundreds of computer graphics, learning lymphatic drainage has never been easier. Also included are techniques to perform lymphatic drainage on yourself, as well as an interview with Allen Mills, a prominent Lymphatic drainage therapist.

> Anatomy of the lymphatic system.
> Edema.
> Contraindications.
> Indications.
> Technique the face routine.
> The upper body routine.
> The deep abdomen routine.
> The lower body routine.
> Self lymph drainage on the face.

Running time: 1.5 Hours

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