Chinese for Tomorrow Vol. 1 Textbook

HE Wayne ,JIAO Dela, SHAO Qiuxia, LIVACCARI Christopher M. [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780887275685

Cheng & Tsui Company 2007 1st Edition

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 Chinese for Tomorrow Vol. 1 Textbook (View larger image)

Chinese for Tomorrow, Volume 1 begins with an introduction to Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, and computer input, with plenty of practice exercises. Ten lessons present dialogues and narratives centered around the lives of college students studying Chinese. Each lesson includes practice exercises that cover all five language skills.

> A comprehensive introduction to Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, and computer input.
> A "Chinese Customs and Culture" section in each lesson, covering contemporary society, the arts, literature, travel, customs, and more.
> Accelerated vocabulary sequencing, so students can quickly build their vocabulary. Each lesson introduces approximately 50-60 vocabulary words that students should learn to speak, understand, and recognize.
> Coverage of handwriting for a core group of characters (five to eight per lesson).
> Clear explanations of language usage for new words, phrases, and language structures.
> Cross-references to the companion grammar book for more detailed explanations of Chinese grammar.
> A diversity of exercise material covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing, including a special exercise section on Chinese computing in each lesson that strengthens students’ language skills through computer input.
> Textbooks are available in simplified or traditional characters.


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